At this time the quizzes for CE Anywhere lectures are in the process of being upgraded to allow three attempts.

We expect that the work to accomplish this for all lectures will be completed soon.

Until all lectures have been upgraded, please read the course descriptions to learn whether three attempts are allowed for a given lecture.


Now you can print your certificate as soon as you successfully complete a lecture.
Simply click the "PRINT CERTIFICATE " Button and you will have documentation of completion.



Welcome to CE Anywhere
(earn up to 40 Class A CE Credits on-line)

The Future of CE is here

Following recertification under the current CE program in 2016, you will come under the new CPC Program and will need to document a minimum of 60 Class A CE Credits over a four year period. Class A credits are earned by participating in an activity that includes an associated end of event evaluation tool.

CE Anywhere is designed to help you meet this need. The new edition of CE Anywhere is here and ready to offer you the opportunity to earn Class A
recertification credits wherever you may be.

CE Anywhere can go with you on your iPhone, iPod or iPad and Android devices.  Now you can earn Class A CE Credit anywhere, anytime.

This self-directed study program for CRNA's is unique and innovative and requires no membership or dues payment. There are no audio tapes to listen to and no biweekly papers to read. In place of these outdated independent study programs, IPGE offers you digitally recorded lectures just as they were presented at recent IPGE meetings. With CE Anywhere, as soon as you register you choose from a diverse menu of lectures those best suited to your practice needs and begin earning credit immediately.

The lectures you see and hear are designed to provide you with the most current information available in the field of anesthesia. You will see the slides and hear the lectures just as they were presented. It truly is the next best thing to being at the meeting.

PLEASE NOTE:  Beginning in 2016, credits that you purchase do not expire. When you convert a credit to a lecture, you will have from the time that you select the lecture until December 31, 2018 to complete it.

With CE Anywhere, you not only instantly view your selected lectures in streaming video on any browser or iPod type device, but you can also download and save the lectures on your hard drive in the format that suits you best (Mac/PC or MP4 for transfer to iPod type devices). Everything you need is just a click away.

To register for CE Anywhere, just click on "Register Now" above and follow the instructions.


A few of our Faculty Members

Click on a faculty member below to see and hear an excerpt from a lecture that they presented at a recent IPGE meeting

Brian G. McAlary, MD
Brian G. McAlary, MD
Future of Practice
Jackie Rowles, CRNA
Jackie Rowles, CRNA
Lumbar Injection Technics
Louis M. Guzzi, MD
Louis M. Guzzi, MD
Cost-Effective Anesthesia
Sandy Ouellette, CRNA
Sandy Ouellette, CRNA
Long QT Syndrome


This program has been prior approved by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists for 40 Class A CE Credits,

Code Number: 1032366, Expiration Date 12/31/18


Credit Costs

 Registration fees vary with the number of credits purchased. To determine the cost of the package you prefer, click on "Register Now" above, create an account and access the Store. Creating an account incurs no obligation to purchase.

Please note: You may now purchase a specific CE Anywhere lecture and have until December 31, 2018
to complete it and apply for credit.

CE Anywhere registration fees are non-refundable.

Here's All You Need To Do

1. Click on "Register Now" above and complete the information.

2. After creating an account, login and click on "STORE" to select and purchase the credits package that best meets your needs.

3. Next click on "CATALOG" to select the lecture(s) you choose to view. 

4. Each time you complete a lecture and evaluation, you can print your certificate and your remaining credits will be updated. You can add more credits at any time.

5. Complete the on-line quiz associated with each lecture. AANA requires a minimum score of 80% to qualify for credit. You will receive immediate feedback. NOTE: Some lectures offer you the opportunity to retake the quizzes if you do not pass. These lectures are idenitifed in the lecture description. To retake a quiz, click on review. You will then have the opportunity to take another quiz. If a lecture does not offer the opportunity to take another quiz, a score of 80% must be achieved on the first attempt in order to pass and receive credit.

6. IPGE will record your credits with the AANA monthly in keeping with AANA Guidelines.

7. That's all there is to it.